Handle every stressful situation like a dog... If you can't eat it or play with it, just pee on it and walk away!!!
Past Puppies!!!
Thanks For Lookin'!!!!!!!!!
So You've Decided on a Puppy...What Now???
Deposits Received for  upcoming litters:

*1. Bonnie Baracker of NV blue merle, red merle or red tri female w/same color eyes about August.
*2. Adam Ramos of UT Pup with a good personality, either sex and any color.
*3.Heidi Boren of UT blue or red merle, or a tri female.
*4. Ayme Ashe of NV blue or red merle female with blue eyes.
*5.D & J Z blue merle or red merle male.
*6. Kevin OBrien of UT. Blue Merle or other color female.
*7. Tiffany Price of UT, blue merle or other color female.
*8.Bob Roberts of NV Tri puppy asap.
*9. Casey Powell of UT Blue merle male.
*10. Ariel Neikrug of UT black tri female, same color eyes.
I am not going to accept any more deposits until these deposits are filled.
ND 07/2015

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Bar D Kennel/Nannette Despain
Miniature American Shepherds
Black or Red Tri puppies are $600
Blue or Red Merle puppies are $750
To Be Spayed or Neutered
People on the list with an * by their name have reserved the previous price. 
Sunny is bred to Ruckus for a late August litter.