Handle every stressful situation like a dog... If you can't eat it or play with it, just pee on it and walk away!!!
Past Puppies!!!
Thanks For Lookin'!!!!!!!!!
So You've Decided on a Puppy...What Now???
Deposits Received for  upcoming litters:

1.Debbie Homewood of MT Blue eyed bi or tri  female breeding pup
2. JD Marker of WA Blue merle female/male Aspen x Chase.
3. David & April Obert of NV Black tri or Red tri  female, approx. May
4. Bonnie Baracker of NV future female pup.
5.D & J Z red or blue merle male.
6. Annabelle Cantu of CA red merle male available June.
7. Alexander & Sara Evans of UT Blue Merle Male
8. Mason & Michela Seehusen of UT blue merle or black tri female about June.
9. Bri & Austin Beck of UT Blue merle, or red tri, either gender.
10.Lee & Joyce Kimzey of NE Red merle female with blue eye/eyes.
11. Jason & Maria Barton of NV blue merle female/male or red merle (tail left on).
12. Leigh Willard of TN Blue merle male or female.

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Upcoming Litters

Aspen x Chase Due about April 18
(all color litter)
Chancey x Ruckus
about April 25
(all black & blue litter)
Kyanne x Ruckus
if bred, about May 5
(all black & blue litter)