Handle every stressful situation like a dog... If you can't eat it or play with it, just pee on it and walk away!!!
Past Puppies!!!
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So You've Decided on a Puppy...What Now???
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Bar D Kennel/Nannette Despain
Miniature American Shepherds
Black or Red Tri puppies are $600
Blue or Red Merle puppies are $750
To Be Spayed or Neutered
People on the list with an * by their name have reserved the previous price. 
Deposits Received for  upcoming litters:

*1. Tiffany Prince of UT, blue merle or other color female( 2017).
2. Kaal, Lori & Colin Christiansen of CA blue merle male spring 2017.
3. Simone Ripamonti
black tri female some point in the future.
4. Travis Carrell of UT blue merle male with blue eyes.
5. Eric Troff of UT blue merle female about May 15 of 2017
6. Ryan Maxwell blue merle male spring 2017
7. Haley Hafen of NV blue merle or black tri puppy, most likely female.
8. Kristine & Savannah Bird of UT Female puppy about May of 2017!!!
9. Ashley Denny of UT blue or red merle female with blue eyes.
10. Caleigh Venetis of UT merle female.
11. Alexandria Hardt of UT red tri female or male with tail left on. (May or June of 2017)
12. Joyce Caywood of ID Tri breeding female.
13. Patrick Honeyman of UT red or black tri male.
14. Robin Honey of UT blue merle male or female spring 2017 litter.
15. Danny DeBate Black Tri Minimal Face white (March litter)
We are excited about the changes we have made to what we are feeding our dogs!!!
*Never recalled
*All natural
*Delivered fresh to your door!!!
Upcoming Litters

Red x Ruckus
Litter  January 2017

Sunny x Ruckus
Litter January 2017

Chancey x Cuff
Litter late January 2017

Iri X Shot
Litter Early March
All colors possible

Peace X Cuff
Litter Early March