Handle every stressful situation like a dog... If you can't eat it or play with it, just pee on it and walk away!!!
Minis range from 14" to 18"
Toys range from 10" to 14"
We are proud to breed Miniature American Shepherds
Previously Miniature Australian Shepherds
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Past Puppies!!!
Brian & Monica Greedy, WA
"Sis" X "Blue"    "Bailey"
Jess Riso, NY
Ethan & Shaela Bloomgren, UT
"Brumby" Cosmo X Gossip
Thanks For Lookin'!!!!!!!!!
Hansen Family, So. CA "Tinka"
Cruiser X Lacie pup
"Nike" Cosmo X Gossip
"Buster" &"Bella" Ericson family So. Cal.  Buster is a Cuff X Belle pup
& Bella is a Blue X Belle pup
"Tiki"  Cindy Daw, UT
Blue X Belle pup
"Molly"  Sunny of St.George, UT     Blue X Hayely
"Sooky"  & Rebecca of UT
Hershey X Gracie
"Bailey" & Kerry's Brother Greg
of Utah, HAYLEY X TEX puppy.
So You've Decided on a Puppy...What Now???
Rose's Halfpint Ranch, UT
  "Bar D Moody Blues Star of Halfpint"   Blue X Belle
"Bar D It's About The Climb" "Miley"
Rose's Halfpint Ranch/ Gracie X Hershey
"Scout" a Jolee X Cruiser puppy!!! The Fox Family of UT!
"Dexter"Hawk" Morgan" of Utah
Kolten of Canada
Belle X Blue puppy (1st litter)
Emma "Tess" Hauser
Hauser Family of Utah
"Bianca" a Lacie X Cosmo pup
Wetzel Family of UT
"Despain's Finger On TheTrigger"
He is at Idaho Aussies in ID!!!
Hayley X Blue puppy

The Hughes Family, CO
"Lexi" Cruiser X Belle
Dexter "Chip" Barry of MA
Barry Family Tatum X Hershey pup
"Despain's Cosmic Flower Daisy"
COSMO X LACIE  PUPPY  Finger family of UT
Free Family of Utah
"Cooper"  aka  Ash
CRUISER X "ACEY" (GHR Spanish Lace}

Crystal of UT "Rindy" aka TattleCOSMO X BELLE  puppy & "Spin" a Jolee X Cruiser pup
Joseph & Katie and "Dex" of UT
"Bar D Journey Through Time"
At "Bloomin Aussies"
A Baja Lace X Cruiser pup
"Isabella" of the Iorg family of WY.
A "Blue" X "Sis" pup @ 18 mo
"Frodo" a Lacie X Cosmo son
Below: "Frodo" & "Padme" just chillin. Both dogs are "Bianca's" littermates!!!
"Canis" a Lacie X Cosmo son, another "Bianca" littermate!
Carly and "Dougie Tiny Pants" of NV   Hershey X Tator
"Harry" with his family!!!
Hershey X Jakwades Blue Lacy
"Bar D Take It To The Limit"
In Germany with the Peters
& Silver Stables
"Bar D Spice of Life of Morning Star"
Ruby X Buddy
"Chance" a
Jakwades Blue Lacy X Hershey boy
"Lanie" a Izzie X Hershey pup
of "Strickley Aussies"!!!
"Howie" of CO
Izzie X Hershey pup
The Guthrie Family of MD
"Aspen" a Katy X Busted Puppy
"Boots"  a Ruby X Luke puppy!!! McKale & Kerrianne with an Izzie x Blaze pup
"Badge"  a Jolee x Cruiser son
& "Laila" an Baja Lace x Cruiser
The Guthrie family of MD!!!
Pet puppies are $500
To Be Spayed or Neutered  
"Maverick" an Baja Lacy & Cruiser son. And "Bella" A Dusk x Cuff girl with the Bullett family of UT!!!
Deposits Received for  upcoming litters:

1. Ryan & Jenn Loomis Blue Merle Male with a tail on.
2.Mark &  Amanda Despain of UT Blue Merle Male.
3.Black Tri or Red Tri breeding female Strickly Mini Aussies.
4.  Aly Holland of UT Bindi x Chase Merle breeding female 
5. Debbie Homewood of MT Blue eyed bi or tri  female breeding pup
6. Kristen Karren Merle male or 2nd choice tri male
7. Kathy & Mac Macintosh breeding pair.
8. Amy Goade & Family Black Tri or Blue Merle Tacoma x Aspen Male.
"Kree" of CO a Ruby X Luke daughter!
"Bar D Utah Gal of Coyote Creek"
A  Cuff X Belle daughter!!!
Penny (Tator x Hershey) &
Koopa ( Tator x Roundup" Family members of the Brisson family of PA
"Luke Jr" a Ruby x Luke
puppy of CO!!!!
Bar D Misty of AMC
A Molly & Busted puppy
"Bar D Cuffs Got Blue Levis At AMC" a Belle x Cuff son
"Gypsy" A Molly & Busted puppy
The Harmon Family of NM
Dave & Luanne Cobb, UT
"Sir Gibson Gallelao of Axtell""Gibson" Blue X Molly
This is a Molly x Blue pup "Gibson" @ 1 year
Miley as a puppy
Ntl CH "Bar D Moody Blues Star of Halfpint"
Maddie with Kristi's puppy "Tika" named after our old "Tika"
Hershey X Gracie
"Laila" broke her leg and had to wear a cone, it didn't help her ears LOL!!! 
The Guthrie family of MD!!!
"Guster" a Baja Lace X Cruiser Pup
Hibbert Family of UT
Jakwades Blue Lacy X Hershey
"Clover" of CO a Ruby X Luke daughter!
Johnson Family of CA!!!
"Izzie" a Cuff x Belle Daughter
Otten Family of ND
"Oreo" An Aurora X Busted Pup
Naomi of OR
"Link"  *RIP* A Jolee x Cruiser pup
Wilde Family of UT
"Cody" Boater Dude
Katy x Cuff puppy
Shelley Family of CA
"Cody" & "Lil Ronny" Katy x Cuff
& Maddie as our assistant
"Reno" A Ruby x Luke Pup
of ID
"Chester" A Lacie x Roundup pup
McKenzie Family of UT
"Tripp" A Grace X Bart son
Delagillo Family of CO
"Dexter" A Ruby x Luke son
Mike Rogers and Brittany Drake of AZ!!!
Katy has been bred to Cuff, due about 5/7/14

Bindi has been bred to Chase due about 5/18/14